14 August, the Belarusian regime denied an entrance to Belarus for two Members of European Parliament:Robert BiedrońMEP (Poland, S&D), chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with Belarus and Petras Auštrevičius MEP (Lithuania, Renew), the European Parliament’s standing rapporteur on Belarus.


Two journalists are on hunger strike against illegal detention in Mahiliou prison

Uladzimir Laptsevich is on hunger strike for the 6th day. Zmitser Salauyou — for the 4th day. Leninski district court of Mahiliou found them guilty of disobeying police demands.


Detentions of journalists in Belarus, August 12

On August 12, Belarusians continued to protest against the rigged election results. There was less police brutality on the streets, however, some journalists were detained.


Journalists detained and beaten intentionally Stop the violence! LIST

Media representatives were attacked and detained in Minsk and other cities of Belarus on Tuesday, August 11. The Belarusian Association of Journalists calls on the authorities to stop the violence.


Journalist was wounded by a rubber bullet in Minsk

In Minsk, journalists were shot at with traumatic weapons on Kalvariyskaya Street . At that time there was a spontaneous protest action against the official election results. Natalya Lubnevskaya, a journalist of Nasha Niva, was wounded in the leg by a rubber bullet.


Journalists of the Russian TV channel "Dozhd" Vladimir Romensky, Vasily Poklonsky and cameraman Nikolai Antipov were brutally detained in Minsk

Telegram channel Nexta Live publishes a video of the detention of journalists. The video shows how people in civilian clothes and masks put them on the road and then take them away in an unknown way .

Journalists of Current Time TV detained in Minsk

Three Current Time Journalists Covering Presidential Election Detained In Belarus. They deported night flight to Odessa

Two days ahead of Belarus’ presidential election, Belarusian police in Minsk on August 7 detained three full-time employees of Current Time for unclear reasons. They were deported by a night flight to Odessa.


Blogger Andrei Pavuk gets 15 days of jail

 In Aktsiabrski, Homel region, the police detained a local blogger and BAJ member Andrei Pavuk. He is charged with failure to obey the police. He was detained on August 7, his wife Volha reported. In the evening BAJ learned that Andrei had been sentenced to 15 days of arrest.

Police detains 3 journalists in Mahiliou region. Laptsevich goes on hunger strike. Burakou Sr. and Burakou Jr. sentenced to 10 days of jail

Police detains 3 journalists in Mahiliou region. Laptsevich goes on hunger strike. Burakou Sr. and Burakou Jr. sentenced to 10 days of jail

Members of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, detained in the previous days as a result of the "sweep" that began in the Mahilou region.

У Шклове затрымалі здымачную групу “Белсата” АБНАЎЛЯЕЦЦА

Belsat journalists detained in Shklou, their phones seized

Three Belsat journalists were detained in Shklou. About three hours later they were released, but their phones were taken away.