8 journalists detained on Saturday, September 26

On Saturday, September 26th, women held protest marches in Belarus. The police detained both protesters and journalists.


Journalists detained while greeting colleagues released from Akrestsina detention center. They were arrested and fined

Dzianis Hancharenka and Ales Lubianchuk were detained near Akrestsina detention center. They were there to greet their colleagues who had served 11 days in jail — photographers Alexander Vasukovich and Uladz Hrydzin.


Nasha Niva chief editor Yahor Martsinovich detained as suspect in criminal case

Editor-in-chief of Nasha Niva Yahor Martsinovich is suspected under Article 188 of the Criminal Code (libel). He will spend the next three days in an isolation ward.


Photogphers get 11 days of jail. They covered the protests, while the court ruled they were protesters

TUT.BY's Uladz Hrydzin and Novy Chas' Alexander Vasukovich were detained on September 13. They spent three days at Akrestsina detention center before the end of the trial.


Investigative Committee: BAJ appeal concerning detention of 47 journalists is “abstract”. Case will not be examined

On August 28, after many journalists were detainedin Minsk and Brest, the Belarusian Association of Journalists addressed the Chairman of the Investigative Committee with a statement asking for initiation of a criminal case on the obstruction of the legitimate professional activity of journalists.


Valeria Ulasik charges under administrative case, apartment search

In the morning, the police knocked on the doors of BAJ member Valeria Ulasik. They searched her apartment. She is a suspect in an administrative case. During the search the police seized cell phones, two laptops and flash drives. Her mother, TUT.BY editor Halina Ulasik is not detained. She is talking to a lawyer after the search. Valeria Ulasik is also a journalist, and works in PR sphere.


About 50 journalists detained, 4 to stand trial, 1 deported

On August 27, the police detained the journalists covering events on Freedom and Independence Square in Minsk. They were taken to Kastrychnitski police department for checking their ids. Altogether, about 50 journalists were detained. The police released most of them after checking their documents. However, four journalists refused to give their smartphones to police for a check-up. Therefore, the police drew up reports with charges of participation in an unauthorized mass action. Katsiaryna Andreyeva, Maksim Harchanok, Aliaksandr Vasiukovich, and Andrei Yarashevich were left in custody until trial. Swedish journalist Paul Hansen will be deported. Swedish ambassador to Belarus Christina Johannesson came to the Kastrychnitski police station where the journalists were kept. Paul Hansen is to leave Belarus tomorrow. He is banned from travelling to Belarus for 5 years. BelaPAN journalist Tatsiana Karavenkova was taken to hospital by an ambulance.


Journalist was wounded by a rubber bullet in Minsk

In Minsk, journalists were shot at with traumatic weapons on Kalvariyskaya Street . At that time there was a spontaneous protest action against the official election results. Natalya Lubnevskaya, a journalist of Nasha Niva, was wounded in the leg by a rubber bullet.

Journalists detained near KGB building in Minsk

Journalists detained near KGB building in Minsk

On Tuesday afternoon, the police detained a group of journalists near the KGB building in Minsk and drove them away  to check their ID.

"The floor under me was covered in blood" RFE/RL reporter has his nose broken during the arrest

"The floor under me was covered in blood" RFE/RL reporter has his nose broken during the arrest

Anton Trafimovich had his nose broken during arrest. Later he sought medical help and received four stitches.

Siarhei Satsuk arrested and interrogated as suspect in crime

Siarhei Satsuk arrested and interrogated as suspect in crime

Siarhei Satsuk, chief editor of the online publication EJ.BY, was arrested on March 25 by officers of the Department of Financial Investigations.

Journalist Convicted for Protests against 'Deep Integration' with Russia Journalist Dziyana Seradziuk received a fine based on changed testimony of a riot policeman

Journalist convicted for protests against 'deep integration' with Russia

 Journalist Dziyana Seradziuk received a fine based on changed testimony of a riot policeman. Novy Chas journalist was punished with a huge fine for participation in the protests against "deep integration". That was the second trial for Dziyana Seradziuk. At the first trial, the court sent the report back to police for revision.