Hrodna region


Journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn charged with treason. He faces up to 15 years in prison

This follows from the response of the KGB Office for Grodno Region received by the journalist's wife Volha Ivashyna.

23.09.2021 media website blocked by authorities

On 22 September, editors received a decision from the Prosecutor’s Office of Hrodna Region. They were informed that website is blocked and “access to its social media pages is restricted by including the identifier of this Internet resource in the list of restricted access”.


Tribuna journo Dzmitry Ruto, editor Iryna Novik detained

On Tuesday morning, Belsat got information about more cases of apprehending Belarusian media workers. editor released before trial
31.05.2021 editor released before trial

Alyaksei Shota had his laptop, phone, three old hard drives, and a WRW umbrella taken away.


Volha Ivashyna: Dzianis is waiting for your support

Hrodna journalist Dzianis Ivashyn has been kept behind bars since March 12, 2021. He was grabbed by police on the street near his block when walking to a pharmacy to pick up medicines.


Pavel Mazheika walks free!

Journalist Pavel Mazheika was released from the detention center today, as the police decided that "grounds for his detention disappeared".


Journalist Andrei Paczobut detained for 72 hours as part of case "incitement to hatred"

In the morning the police came with a search warrant to the home of journalist Andrzej Paczobut, his wife Aksana managed to report. The search is done as part of a criminal case under Art. 130 ( "Incitement of hatred").

Hazeta Slonimskaya reporter in Masty Yazep Palubiatka does not return from questioning His apartment is searched

Hazeta Slonimskaya reporter Yazep Palubiatka does not return from questioning. His apartment is searched

On Monday, March 22, Masty reporter of Hazeta Slonimskaya Yazep Palubiatka was summoned for questioning by the police. He entered the police station at 11 a.m. He did not return home that day.


Yan Roman detained in Hrodna. Police inspects Dzianisau's apartment. Updated

On the morning of March 17 Hrodna police arrested journalist Yan Roman, near his home. The police "examined" his apartment and seized his phone and laptop. In the afternoon the police came with "inspection" to the home of journalist Ales Dzianisau.

Criminal charges pressed against journalist Dzianis Ivashyn

Criminal charges pressed against journalist Dzianis Ivashyn

Detained on Friday, March 12, journalist Dzianis Ivashyn was charged today under Article 365 of the Criminal Code ( "Interference with the activities of a law-enforcement officer").

Journalist Dzianis Ivashyn detained in Hrodna. Police search his home

Journalist Dzianis Ivashyn detained in Hrodna. Police search his home

Journalist Dzianis Ivashyn was detained in his apartment at about 6 p.m. Before that, a blue minivan parked near the apartment block. The search of journalist Dzianis Ivashin ended late at night, Dzianis was placed in the KGB detention center. Now there are 10 journalists  behind bars in Belarus.


Police and OMON are after Hrodna media

Police are searching the office of and to the home of editor Ihar Remzik (Bublikau).