Minsk region


Infa-Kurier's editor-in-chief and his deputy detained for 15 days for defying police

Slutsk District Court arrested the chief editor and owner of Infa-Kurier, Siarhei Stankevich, and his deputy Aleh Rubchenia for 15 days for defying the police, the Belarusian Association of Journalists reports.


Salihorsk-based publication Lider-Press forced to quit media field after 28 years of activity

Salihorsk public edition Lider-Press has to “finally leave the media field” on October 1 after 28 years of work. Last year the edition covered the presidential election and mass protest actions. In March 2021, the Lider-Press editorial board stopped issuing the print version of the newspaper. In June this year, searches were conducted in apartments of the media founders.

У Мінскай вобласці затрымалі жрналістаў канала "Белсат"

Belsat journos covering picket in Zhodzina taken to police station

On June 5, Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya‘s initiative group collected signatures for her nominating a presidential candidate in the town of Zhodzina. A Belsat TV crew started livestreaming the event at 15.30.

Police detain Belsat TV cameraman to prevent him from doing his job

Police detain Belsat TV cameraman to prevent him from doing his job

Immediately after the arrest, the cameraman’s phone became unavailable.

 Smalyavichy: Authorities fine reporter for covering social problems

Smalyavichy: Authorities fine reporter for covering social problems

Smalyavichy court has imposed a fine of 1,225 Belarusian rubles on journalist Volha Czajczyc for her contributing to a news story about local residents’ protest.

‘Barysauskiya Naviny’ Editor convicted for announcing demonstration

‘Barysauskiya Naviny’ Editor convicted for announcing demonstration

A court in Barysau (90 km northeast of Minsk) sentenced Anatol Bukas, the editor of the Barysauskiya Naviny local newspaper, to pay a fine of 345 roubles (145 euros) on 1 December for mentioning the unauthorized demonstration.


The ‘Barysauskiya naviny’ Editor-in-chief Fined for Publishing Information about ‘The Angry Belarusians’ Rally’

The Barysau District Court regarded a case on administrative offense against Anatol Bukas, the ‘Barysauskiya naviny’ Editor-in-chief on article 23.34, part 1 of the Belarus Code on Administrative Offenses (‘Violation of procedures on arranging or holding mass events’) on December 1, 2017.  


Journalist Fined for Insulting Traffic Policeman

On May 22, the Maladzechna district court imposed a fine of 300 BYN on Siarhei Zianko, a journalist of the local news portal Kraj.by, as a moral damage compensation for spreading lies and insulting a traffic policeman.


Website Editor Fined for an Article about an Action

The Maladzechna district court found an editor of the regional website guilty for violating the law on mass events by publishing an article.

Журналістаў «Белсату» затрымалі ў Барысаве

Four TV Crews Detained on Saturday

TV crews contributing to Belsat were briefly detained on March 18 throughout Belarus; the journalists aimed to report on protest actions announced by anarchist groups thoughout the country.