Homel region


Several state radio hosts fired in Homel over support of protesters

Homel City Radio has fired several radio hosts over allegedly supporting the 2020 protesters. The day before, their names appeared in a post on a pro-government Telegram channel.

Журналіст Яўген Меркіс — у ізалятары, у Гомелі прайшлі ператрусы па ягонай крымінальнай справе

Journalist Jauhen Merkis is in detention, searches are underway in connection with his criminal case

Journalist and local historian Jauhen Merkis from Homel was detained on September 13. The policemen also searched the apartment Jauhen rents and seized data carriers.


Iryna Slaunikava, went on trial on charges of leading an extremist group

on June 23, a Belarusian journalist in the southeastern city of Homel. Iryna Slaunikava, went on trial on charges of leading an extremist group and organizing activities that disrupt social order. The charges also stemmed from her taking part in mass protests that were sparked by the disputed presidential election.


Journalist Larysa Shchyrakova's house search ends in her arrest

On February 18, security forces searched journalist Larysa Shchyrakova's house. This is Larysa's fourth search since February 2021.

Journalist Katsiaryna Andreeva transferred to jail for “investigative actions”

Journalist Katsiaryna Andreeva transferred to jail for “investigative actions”

Belsat journalist Katsiaryna Andreeva (Bakhvalava) is no longer kept in the women’s correctional facility #4 in Homel.


Belsat TV journalist Katsyaryna Andreyeva transferred to penal colony in Homiel

A few days ago, journalist Ihar Ilyash, the husband of our imprisoned collegue Katsyaryna Andreyeva, was informed that his wife was transferred to the penal colony in Homiel, where she would serve the term.

Silnye Novosti journalist Nadzeya  Puzhynskaya to serve 14 days of jail. Her trial was not announced to public

Silnye Novosti journalist Nadzeya Puzhynskaya to serve 14 days of jail. Her trial was not announced to public

In Homel, journalist of the local portal Silnye Novosti (Strong News) was tried. However, neither her family, not colleagues who had been keeping vigil in the court building for two days, were able to come to her trial.  Nadzeya Puzhynskaya was sentenced to 14 days of jail.


Homel journalist Yauhen Merkis to serve extra 12 days in jail

September 29, Homel freelance journalist and local history expert, BAJ member Yauhen Merkis was supposed to be released after serving a 15-day arrest on charges of participating in a protest march. However, he did not walk out of the detention center today. Yauhen managed to inform us from behind bars that the police leaves him there for another 12 days — to serve another 12 days from the jail term in August, when he was also arrested for 15 days for alleged participation in an unauthorized mass event.


Homiel: Two Belsat TV contributors detained

Larysa Shchyrakova, a Homiel-based Belsat journalist, is currently in the police department.


Blogger Andrei Pavuk gets 15 days of jail

 In Aktsiabrski, Homel region, the police detained a local blogger and BAJ member Andrei Pavuk. He is charged with failure to obey the police. He was detained on August 7, his wife Volha reported. In the evening BAJ learned that Andrei had been sentenced to 15 days of arrest.