Journalist couple Sniazhana Inanets and Aliaksandr Lychauka punished with home confinement

On 13 January, the Pershamaiski District Court of Minsk pronounced the final verdict on journalists Sniazhana Inanets and Aliaksandr Lychauka. Both were sentenced to freedom restriction for participation in unsanctioned mass events. They had spent over three months in custody.


Human Rights Prize awarded to Aksana Kolb, Nasta Loyka, and Committee for Torture Investigation

On 11 January, Barys Zvozskau Belarusian Human Rights House hosted an awarding ceremony in Vilnius. The event was supposed to happen on December 10, International Human Rights Day, but was postponed due to the death of Belarusian Helsinki Committee chair Aleh Hulak.


Trial in TUT.BY case starts behind closed doors

On 9 January, the TUT.BY case will be heard in the Minsk City Court. Ludmila Chekina, TUT.BY Media CEO, and Maryna Zolatava, TUT.BY editor-in-chief, are in the dock. The trial will be held in camera and considered by Judge Valiantsina Ziankevich.


Trade union newsletter editor sentenced to 8 years in prison

On 5 January, activists of the Belarusian independent trade unions were awarded tough sentences. Journalist, publicist, and political analyst Vatslau Areshka is one of the convicts. The human rights community recognized all defendants as political prisoners.


Nobel Prize Winner Byalyatski Faces Trial In Belarus

The trial of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ales Byalyatski and three other defendants is scheduled to open in a Minsk court on January 5. 


Trial in “ case” to begin on 9 January

According to the Viasna Human Rights Center, the Minsk City Court will start considering the “ case” on January 9. The session will be held in camera by Judge Valiantsina Ziankevich.


"He has not lost his trademark sense of humor." Media manager Kanstantsin Zalatykh awaiting trial

For more than six months, political prisoner and director of the Belorusy i rynok weekly, Kanstantsin Zalatykh, has remained behind bars.


Journalist Ivan Muraujou sentenced to 2.5 years in prison

A sentence has been passed on journalist, cameraman, and founder of Hookah No. 1 restaurant Ivan Muraujou. According to BAJ, he was found guilty of participating in an extremist formation and sentenced to 2.5 years imprisonment.


Larysa Shchyrakova's son no longer in child care home

The son of detained ex-journalist Larysa Shchyrakova finally returned home, her family reported.


Journalist Yauhen Merkis spends four days in punishment cell

The political prisoner was put into segregation for "being unshaven." Now, he is in a regular cell and is feeling fine, Shtodnya reports. 


Belarus: 2022 another disastrous year for media freedom

Thirty-two journalists currently behind bars amidst continuing legal crackdown. As another devastating year for media freedom comes to a close in Belarus, the International Press Institute (IPI) and our global network today condemn the government’s relentless efforts at prosecuting, jailing and otherwise silencing journalists, as part of a wider campaign aimed at eliminating all forms of dissent in the country.


Journalist Siarhei Chyhryn detained for sharing extremist content

On 16 December, journalist, local historian and writer Siarhei Chyhryn was detained in Slonim.