Zmitser Lupach in intensive care unit with hypertensive crisis after trial

12.05.2020 Source: BAJ Press Service

10 days in jail and a fine of 45 basic values was the sentence given to journalist Zmitser Lupach by Hlabokaye distric court judge Dzmitry Tarasevich. He was tried on May 11 under to charges of the Administrative Code -- Art. 22.9 Part 2 (illegal production and distribution of media products) and Art. 23.34 Part 1 (Violation of the order of organization or holding mass events).

Zmitser's lawyer managed to join the hearing only after the break. He found a lot of flaws in police reports and asked the judge to send them back for revision. However, but the judge decided to announce the ruling.

A police car was waiting for the journalist outside the court building.  They had got the court ruling even before it was given to Zmitser.

The journalist collapsed at the courthouse, and his wife called an ambulance, as his blood pressure was very high. The paramedics confirmed that Zmitser had a hypertensive crisis. The journalist was taken to the local hospital. The ambulance was followed by a police car.

According to Zmitser's wife, upon arrival at the hospital he was placed in an intensive care unit.