Two Persons Detained as Suspects in Attacking BT Building

15.06.2016 Source: According to TUT.by, translation by BAJ

On the evening of June 13, two activists of anarchy movement were detained in Minsk, reported the Human Rights Center Viasna. According to preliminary information, they are suspected of having thrown red paint at the doors of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company.

The Anarchist Black Cross reported about the detention on their website; the don’t deny their involvement in the action.

On June 9, three masked men threw bulbs filled with paint at the building of the state-run Belarusian Television and Radio Company (BT). Later, the Belarusian anarchist movement published the video of their protest against the ‘propagandists who help the regime to commit crimes’.

Viasna provide information that a criminal case has been initiated according to art. 339 part 2 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism committed repeatedly or by a group of people). The article envisages an arrest up to 6 months or freedom restriction up to 6 years.

The BT representatives called the incident “an act of contemporary art” and promised to publicize “the names of the hooligans, their teachers and educational establishments” in the criminal chronicle program Zona X.