Two More Fines for Photo for Free Speech

01.12.2014 Source: Press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists

On December 1, two more people photographed on November 5 in Vitsebk were fined under charges of violating the procedure of holding mass events.

Judge Alena Tsyhankova was going to hold the hearing behind closed doors, but the defendants addressed to the chairperson of court; finally, five people were allowed to the cabinet, as many as the number of chairs.

Kastus' Mardzvintsau was fined for 20 basic amounts, Tatsiana Seviarynets for 25 basic amounts.

It turned out that a passer-by joined the photo session on th espot - his hearing is to take place on December 3. Also Pavel Levinau is waiting for the administartive report from the police and now discusses his case with a lawyer, reports Radio Svaboda.