Two Books by Pazniak Claimed to Be Extremist

27.11.2015 Source: Press service of BAJ Story: Fighting Extremism

The expert commission of the Brest region held an assessment of three books authored by Zianon Pazniak and claimed that two of them contained signs of extremism; the commission applied to the Maskouski district court of Brest to recognize the books extremist and to ban them.

The books under consideration are Abarona Kurapataŭ. Narodny Memaryjal (Defence of Kurapaty. People’s Memorial) (authored jointly by Zianon Pazniak and Valery Bujval); Dobraja Phatagraphija (Good Photography); Sesija Nezaležnasci (Session of Independence). Two books of each title were seized from Aleś Čacholski, an activist of the Conservative Christian Party of the BPF. Now the activist is under trial according to art. 17.1 – storage and distribution of extremist literature. He was summoned to court on November 26, but the hearing was postponed, the police report has been sent for completion. Meanwhile, the activist tries to find the conclusions of the examination of the books by the regional expert commission. The reply from the Brest customs office says that the books Good Photography and Defence of Kurapaty. People’s Memorial have been arrested, according to the Law on Counteraction to Extremism, art. 14. The book Session of Independence contains no signs of extremism, so the owner can pick them up at the Brest customs office.

It should be mentioned that many books by Zianon Pazniak have been examined by the commission on extremism in 2014 («Цяжкі час—працяг», «Незалежнасьць Беларусі. 20 гадоў», «Дэклярацыя — першы крок да незалежнасьці», «Менскі гарсавет ў пэрыяд нацыянальнай рэвалюцыі (1990-1991)», «Тэрра Дэй», «Развагі», «Парсіваль» and others). In February 2015, the book owner was informed that the commission had no signs of extremism in the books.

Zianon Pazniak is a politician, leader of National movement in Belarus, founder of the Belarusian People’s Front, one of main opponents to Lukashenka in mid 90ies, lives in emigration since 1996.

Last time the Minister of Information Lilija Ananič reported in February 2015 that over 100 print materials had been examined regarding extremist contents, and 25 of the print materials had been claimed extremist.