TV presenter Pytleva charged with calling to actions that harm national security

25.09.2021 Source: "Еўрарадыё"

Ekaterina Pytleva, program director of Malanka Media, is charged with Article 361-1 of the Criminal Code - "Creation of an extremist formation."

On 24 September, the TV presenter’s apartment in Minsk was searched for the second time in a month. “This time they introduced themselves as KGB agents, fortunately, they did not break the door. Judging by the reaction, they didn’t expect to see the aftermath of the previous search, they even asked in surprise, ‘Did they break the guitar and cut the backpacks, too?’ In general, they did not expect that someone had outperformed them,” writes Pytleva.

The first search took place on September 7. During it, the law enforcers cut even the wedding photos.

Katsiaryna Pytleva and her family were forced to leave Belarus at the beginning of 2021.

What does the apartment of TV presenter Katerina Pytleva look like after a search