TUT.BY Journalist Nadezha Kalinina Detained, Reason Remains Unclear

31.01.2021 Source: TUT.BY

On Friday, 29 January, TUT.BY journalist Nadezhda Kalinina was detained. The reason for her detention remains unclear. She was reportedly taken to a notorious detention centre on Okrestin Street in Minsk.

In the afternoon, Nadezhda Kalinina stopped answering her hone. She tried to visit the Belarusian People’s Congress which started at 4 pm in the Kamvol recreation centre. It was later revealed that the journalist is in the Leninsky district police department.

 Фото: личный архив

TUT.BY journalists were told that Kalinina was detained and they “will not say anything else.” The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs first reported that the journalist had been taken to the police department to check her documents.

While the journalist was in the police department, a lawyer was not allowed to visit her. Recall that Art. 62 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus guarantees everyone the right to use the legal assistance of a lawyer at any time.

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