TUT.BY journalist Alena Talkachova released from jail


On 18 July, journalist Alena Talkachova, a defendant in the “TUT.BY case,” was released from
the pre-trial detention center in Minsk, reported Volha Loika, another defendant in the case.

It is still unknown whether the charges against her have been dropped. Talkachova spent 14 months behind bars.

Former TUT.BY director Ludmila Chekina and former editor-in-chief Maryna Zolatava remain in custody. On the morning of 18 May 2021, law enforcers searched the homes of TUT.BY staff, as well as the company’s offices in Minsk and provinces. Fifteen people were detained that day. Charges mostly focused on grand tax evasion.

Allegedly, being a resident of the High Tech Park, TUT.BY MEDIA received revenue not conditioned by the activities permitted for residents.

At the moment, 29 media workers stay in prison.