Torch of Solidarity with Jailed Belarusian Journalists Passes to Copenhagen

05.06.2023 Source: Аўтар для сайта БАЖ Story: Задержания журналистов

At the congress of the Danish Helsinki Committee, influential human rights activists voiced their support for media workers who remain behind bars in Belarus.

The conference was mainly devoted to the problem of deportation of children from Ukraine. But the Belarusian diaspora also managed to influence the agenda.

"The war in Ukraine is currently in the spotlight of the Western media, including the Danish media," a representative of the Belarusian diaspora invited to the conference told BAJ. "This allows the dubious Belarusian regime to continue violating human rights".

That is why Belarusians in many countries take every opportunity to inform decision-makers about the terrible situation of more than 1,500 political prisoners in Belarus.

"I only had 15 minutes," the speaker continued. "Of course, you can't do everything in an hour. I drew attention to a new level of torture: the condition of some political prisoners - Viktar Babaryka, Mikalai Statkevich and others - is now unknown".

After the speech, the Belarusian participant suggested that the conference join the marathon of solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus, which began on May 3 in Vilnius with a joint action of the BAJ and the Union of Journalists of Lithuania.

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Several countries have already joined this effort: Norway, Finland and others.

"The Danish Helsinki Committee is an influential organization in the country," said the representative of the Belarusian diaspora. "Human rights activists holding portraits of Belarusian journalists are respected people; their opinions matter. Their desire to support political prisoners is not only a sign of respect".

BAJ calls on colleagues around the world to support the solidarity action!

You can print portraits of your imprisoned colleagues, take pictures with them at famous sights of your city (not in Belarus) and post them on social media with the tags #СвабодуЖурналістам and #BecauseTheJournalist, and also send them to us baj@baj.by.


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