On Sunday Dzianis Borshch, Siarhei Kazlovich and Mikalai Maminau were detained in Minsk

21.09.2020 Source: BAJ Press Service

While covering the March of Justice on Sunday in Minsk,  journalist Dzianis Borshch and blogger of "Not on TV" channel Siarhei Kazlovich were detained in Minsk.

Dzianis Borshch was arrested near the Palace of Independence, where he was filming the protest. In the evening we learned that the journalist was sent to a detention center in Zhodzina.

BAJ learned about the detention of Siarhei Kazlovich late in the evening. He resigned from the state TV on August 10, 2020. BAJ still has no info on the charges against him.

Mikalai Maminau, a photographer and documentary filmmaker, member of BAJ,  was kidnaped in the evening from his apartment in Minsk. The charges against him and his whereabouts are still unknown.


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