Subversive Teddy Bear Valued at 10c

30.10.2013 Ilya Kuzniatsou 9617

Belarusian customs have returned the gear confiscated from the Australian journalist Amos Roberts about a year ago. The teddy bear was valued at 10c in the confiscation list, although they used to sell at several hundred US dollars at the black market.

The famous teddy bear was returned quite battered. His mittens came separately. Apparently, KGB was trying to find out if the teddy bear was smuggling something out of Belarus and did a strip search on him.

Studio Total, the Swedish PR company that performed the daring pro-democracy stunt in Belarus, is closed, the journalist and the real estate dealer involved in the story are released from KGB jail, the Australian journalist’s gear is returned, the Swedish embassy in Minsk has partially resumed operation. Is the teddy bear war over? It may well be. However, the lesson for the journalists – always make copies of sensitive footage before leaving Belarus. Otherwise the story wouldn’t have come out.

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