Сriminal case opened against Dev.by director

28.06.2022 Source: BAJ Press Service

Pro-government Telegram channels report that Dev By Media director Vital Andras is under criminal investigation.​

The charges are unknown as of publication. The pro-government channels accuse Andras of “inciting a coup d’etat” and sharing posts from NEXTA Telegram channel.

The director of Dev By Media Vital Andras and his wife Alena Andras were detained on June 23. Later, a “repentant” video of Vital appeared in the social media connected to the law enforcement agencies. In this video, the man claims that in August 2020 he took part in protests, followed Telegram channels recognized as “extremist,” and was registered in the “Victory” plan initiated by the Belarusian opposition in exile.

According to human rights defenders, the most massive repressions in the modern history of Belarus have been taking place since the summer of 2020. During this time, investigative agencies across the country have opened more than 5,000 protest-related criminal cases. As of 26 June 2022, human rights activists have recognized 1,214 people as political prisoners.

Thousands of protesters across the country have been the victims of targeted torture, and some 41,000 people have been detained. Various estimates show that 4 to 20 people have died due to the state terror policy. Until now, no one has been prosecuted for torture or the killing of dissenters.