Slonim Mayor Sues Sviatlana Kalinkina 50,000 BYN for Publishing NEXTA's Posting

30.09.2019 Source: Nasha Niva

Head of Slonim Executive Committee Henadz Khomich sued a number of publications that republished the posting of blogger Stsiapan Putsila (aka NEXTA). NEXTA's Telegramm channel posted that the local top official, as well as his wife a bit later, had been caught drunk driving. Officially, the information has not been confirmed.

Khomich decided to go to court. He is represented by lawyer Maria Kolesava -Hudzilina.

Khomich wants to punish the blogger and the publications that reprinted the posting.

According to Nasha Niva, he filed lawsuits against Belarus Partisan, and 21.by and bobruisk.ru (Viacherni Babruisk) portals.

It is the websites' owners (individuals or companies) that are to be held liable. In case of Belarus Partisan it is Sviatlana Kalinkina.

Khomich wants each defendant to pay him 50,000 BYN. The official promises to donate the money to a local hospital if the court decides in his favor.

Sviatlana Kalinkina, Belarus Partisan chief editor,  told Nasha Niva that they were still thinking about the strategy for further action:

"Yes, Khomich filed a claim against us. I can't yet say what we are going to do. We'll go to court if we have to."

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