Siarhei Niarouny's trial over extremism postponed to Wednesday

19.10.2021 Source: BAJ Press Service

The trial of journalist Siarhei Niarouny detained over the weekend and accused of distributing extremist materials has started in Krychau.

The journalist pleaded not guilty in court and stated that the devices seized during the search of his apartment had been accessed by security officers in violation of the law.

The court decided to postpone the consideration of the administrative case until October 20 and to release Siarhei Niarouny.

According to the Administrative Code, Niarouny faces a fine or administrative arrest. Siarhei Niarouny is a former editor-in-chief of the Krychau non-governmental newspaper Volny horad.

Siarhei Niarouny was detained on Saturday, October 16.

The journalist's apartment was searched, computer equipment was seized and an administrative report was drawn up against him for “distribution of extremist materials” under Article 19.11 of the Administrative Code.

The journalist spent two days in temporary detention before the trial.