Several state radio hosts fired in Homel over support of protesters

13.10.2022 Source: Зеркало

Homel City Radio has fired several radio hosts over allegedly supporting the 2020 protesters. The day before, their names appeared in a post on a pro-government Telegram channel.

On 11 October, a post appeared in a pro-government Telegram channel where a follower allegedly complained about 107.4FM radio in Homel that was founded and is run by the local executive committee. According to the user, a host expressed his admiration for Yury Dud, a popular Russian journalist and blogger, who took an antiwar stance. The listener was also outraged by the fact that the anchor congratulated the Russian journalist on his birthday in a live broadcast.

The channel later posted screenshots from the social media of radio hosts Artsiom Zabiran and Yaraslau Bychkouski that featured some content related to the protests and public figures associated with the opposition.

Zerkalo reported that Zabiran and Bychkovsky have already been fired. Their names disappeared from Homel City Radio’s website.

According to a source familiar with the situation, other employees also lost their jobs, and inspections of other state media began.

Mediazona also found out about the dismissal of Maryna Turavets.