Salihorsk-based publication Lider-Press forced to quit media field after 28 years of activity

23.09.2021 Source: BAJ Press Service Story: Распаўсюд СМІ

Salihorsk public edition Lider-Press has to “finally leave the media field” on October 1 after 28 years of work. Last year the edition covered the presidential election and mass protest actions. In March 2021, the Lider-Press editorial board stopped issuing the print version of the newspaper. In June this year, searches were conducted in apartments of the media founders.

“For 28 years, the editorial board has valued the trust of the audience and engaged in an honest dialogue with everyone about the events and people of Salihorsk. It turns out that any material that truthfully reports on events in the region or the country can be declared extremist, with all the consequences that follow. In such a situation we can’t risk our employees and are forced to stop the activity of the editorial office,” reads the editorial appeal to the audience.

The editorial board intends to resume work when conditions change.

10 чэрвеня быў вобшук у кватэры ўладальнікаў салігорскага медыя "Лидер-Пресс"

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