Russian Propagandist Visits Minsk to Launch a News Portal

07.04.2016 Source: According to, translation by BAJ

Dmitri Kiselyov, the director general of the Russian state-owned news agency Rossiya Segodnya, came to present an online portal which will be shaping “a just image of Russia”.

Yesterday, Dmitri Kiselyov met the Foreign Affairs Minister Uladzimir Makey, and today, in the House of Moscow, he has given a press conference. The Belarusian Information Minister Liliya Ananich also took part in the event.

“We have worked in Belarus for a long time, and today we launch a new space (the Belarusian portal Sputnik is part of the Rossiya Today), said Dmitri Kiselyov. “The aims of its presence here in Belarus do not differ from the aims all over the world – to shape a just image of Russia. We do not separate us from the brotherly Belarusian nation. We want us to have a possibility to develop without hampers from the outside,” he said.

Liliya Ananich said that there was a plan being developed of a joint informational space of the Union State.

A journalist of Nasha Niva addressed a question to Dmitri Kiselyov. Around 135 criminal cases have been launched in Belarus against its citizens who participated in the fighting in Ukraine; one of the accused says in an interview to that he went to fight for the DNR having been influenced by programs of the Russia TV channel. 9000 people have died in Ukraine, so does Dmitri Kiselyov feel blame for those perished people, wondered the journalist.

Dmitri Kiselyov said he did not feel blame for the coup, for cluster bombings of peaceful population and for the waged civil war. He also added that the correspondent of Nasha Niva had a mess in the head.

Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov, Dmitri Kiselyov, and the moderator

Responding to the question about Putin’s off-shores to the Radio Svaboda, Kiselyov poured criticism claiming that Svaboda was doing dirty journalism to which Rossiya Segodnya is opposed. Generally, he “trusts the president”.

The Minister of Information Liliya Ananich remarked that the main thing is that journalism should stay honest and unbiased because in the times of the Internet, the truth anyway will come to the surface. Somebody will not write, somebody else will, she said.

Dmitri Kiselyov is also convinced that the image of Belarus in the West is made up of stamps, primitive images, and the portal will promote its positive image. He does not see signs of information and propaganda wars in Belarus and Russia. “We are not propagandists, he said, “these are the US who make information and propaganda wars.”

As BelaPAN news agency quotes Liliya Ananich, the new center “will hold events contributing to development of multi-aspect informational projects, integrational ties between Belarus and Russia.” “Information from Belarus will be available in many-many countries, honest, open and aimed to creation of friendship between Belarus and Russia, cooperation, building up multi-polar world. We welcome such approaches,” she remarked.

Rossiya Segodnya was set up in 2013 by Vladimir Putin’s edict on the basis of RIA Novosti. Its correspondent point was accredited in Belarus at the end of 2014, and soon the Sputnik news project was launched.

Информагентство "Россия сегодня" открыло в Минске мультимедийный пресс-центр Sputnik