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Roskomnadzor Makes a Belarusian Website Remove Content (Upd)

11.04.2017 Source: According to kyky.org, translation by BAJ

On April 10, the editorial office of KYKY.ORG received a letter from Roskomnadzor (based on a court decision of the Zavodoukovsk district court of Tyumen Oblast dated February 27, 2017) demanding to delete an article about shoplifetrs within a day, otherwise the website would be blocked.

"The traffic share from Russia is 14%. It would be a pity to lose it, so we will have to delete the article. So, you have a few more hours to read the text!" – was telling the announcement of KYKY.

However, the website translated the article into Belarusian. "Since the law of the Republic of Belarus is not violated by the text of Yury Azaronak, we translated it into our language – now the Russians will not understand, and you can peacefully read it."

It is a lifestyle article about shoplifetrs in brand shops. The article mentions two brands - Zara and Oggi, comparing their price policies and criticizing one of them.

Скриншот полученного письма от Роскомнадзора

Скриншот полученного письма от Роскомнадзора


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