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Prosecutor General Wants to Fine Mass Media for Bias

03.04.2017 Source: According to TUT.by, translation by BAJ

Before parliamentary hearings, the Prosecutor General Aliaksandr Kaniuk replied to journalists’ questions concerning the recent clampdown on protesters.

Aliaksandr Kaniuk was asked about the detentions of journalists in the streets in March. He replied that “we should figure out what kind of colleagues they are”.

“It is high time to raise the questions how information is presented in mass media. For example, in Germany mass media get fined for tendentious coverage,” added the Prosecutor General.

By the way, on March 29, the Prosecutor General’s office replied to BAJ’s petition demanding to investigate the detentions of journalists in March. The agency declined to handle the petition on the merits, claiming that interests of the aggrieved persons are presented by parties of the administrative process, defenders, legal representatives etc. according to art. 2.16 of the Code on Administrative Procedures. And BAJ was not the person entitled to present the interests of the aggrieved persons.

Aliaksandr Kaniuk also answered some other questions about the street actions. His viewpoint is that the Minsk City Executive Committee did not violate the law on mass events when twice delayed issuing the permit for March 25 (note – the applicants planned to hold the event in the evening in Independence Avenue, but the Executive Committee allowed it at noon in Bangalore Square; the reply should have been given five working days ahead of the event, but was delayed twice and announced on the very eve). The Prosecutor General said that they had studied the circumstances, and everything had been done within the law”. He also thinks that the people who were detained on March 25 were “not peaceful citizens, the issue has to be figured out”.
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