Prosecutor asks for eight years of prison for Belarusian journalist Siarhei Satsuk

25.10.2022 Source: BAJ Press Service

Judge of Minsk City Court Sviatlana Bandarenka ruled that one day was enough to hear the closing arguments in the case of investigative journalist Siarhei Satsuk. The prosecutor asked for eight years in prison for the journalist.

"Generally, Siarhei looks fine, although his heart problems are still bothering him. He needs medication on a regular basis. He tries to stay cheerful to support us. However, we do not hope for acquittal," Siarhei's family member said.

Siarhei Satsuk, author of high-profile investigations and editor-in-chief of the Ezhednevnik media outlet (ej.by), was detained on 8 December 2021. He is charged with bribery (Article 430), incitement of hatred (Article 130), and official misconduct (Article 426).

The human rights community recognized Siarhei Satsuk as a political prisoner. The Belarusian Association of Journalists strongly believes that the prosecution of the journalist is politically motivated.