Police arrests 13 journalists in Belarus

20.06.2020 Source: BAJ News Service

Friday, June 19, was the last day when signatures for nomination of presidential candidates could be collected in Belarus. A series of pickets was held all across the country.  Many people took to the streets to participate in the peaceful protests against the policy of Alexander Lukashenka. The arrested journalists were covering these protests.

Police officers and riot police (omon) arrested the protesters and the journalists covering the events.

List of arrested journalists:


RFE/RL journalists Aliaksandra Dynko and Andrei Rabchyk were arrested when broadcasting live.

Journalist Iryna Arahouskaya was arrested and spent about 1.5 hours in the police station. Later she was released.

Reuters reporter Uladzimir Kostsin . The police says they detained them '"to verify their identity'.

Euroradio journalists were also arrested. Maria Vaitovich and Artsiom Mayorau were arrested during dispersion of the protest. They did not violate any rules and were just doing their job.

The police arrested TUT.BY journalist Vadzim Zamirouski and Anastasia Zanko of


The police arrested TUT.BY journalist Anzhalika Vasileuskaya and freelancer Ales Sobaleu.


Reporter Alesia Latsinskaya was arrested.  Here is how she describes what happened: "The police put me into a paddy wagon, looked through my belongings, stripped me naked, and even took the laces of my shoes (as far as I understand, men were not stripped of clothing, just me)."

Dzyanis Nosau, a journalist of Vecherny Bobruisk, was detained also.

In the evening of June 19 all this arrested journalists were released without charges.

But in Bobruisk journalist Siarhei Latsinski was placed in a detention center until Monday. According to the Administrative Code, he accused of participating in an unauthorized mass event, the court hearing is scheduled for Monday.

BAJ protests against police blocking journalists from doing their job.

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