Police and OMON are after Hrodna media

29.01.2021 Source: BAJ Press Service

Police are searching the office of and to the home of editor Ihar Remzik (Bublikau).

The police announced, that ‘while monitoring the Internet, officers of Leninski distrit police department of Hrodna revealed the facts that and had products that had been recognized as extremist stored on their websites’.

The police meant the materials of one Telegram channel recognized as extremist by Centralny district court of Minsk in October and November 2020.

"Administrative proceedings have been started. Now the officers of Leninski district police station supported by OMON officers are inspecting the newsrooms of and, and are seizing equipment for further expert examination. Liability for storing information products included in the list of extremist materials is envisaged by article 17.11 of the Code of Administrative Offences and shall result in the recovery of a fine of up to 500 basic units and seizure of subject matter and tools of the offence," reports Information and public relations section of the Hrodna police department. office was searched in the absence of its representatives.  

The police left the office with a laptop, a USB flash drive, a drone, four cameras, and boxes with calendars, games and magazines.

After the search in office

The police also searched the home of Newgrodno editor Ihar Remzik (Bublikau). The police seized his system unit. He was released after questioning.