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People vs Unique Visitors in Belarus

02.03.2017 Source: According to infopolicy.biz, translation by BAJ

The number of unique visitors of Belarusian websites is nearly five times higher than the number of real people using the web.

It is clear that the number of unique visitors, measured through cookies, does not reflect the real number of human beings going online: some cookies are deleted; people use different devices to surf the web, or different browsers.

The chart below shows the number of unique browsers collected by the web analytic company gemiusPrism versus the number of people counted with the media research of gemiusAudience.

The number of “unique browsers” in Belarus collected by the web analysis of gemiusPrism in January 2017, comprised 24 million unique users.

The Belarusian web audience of age 15 - 74, according to gemiusAudience, the research held for company #DB3 in January 2017, comprised 5, 082 million people.

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