Outsider Papers Get Back to State Distribution Nets

05.04.2017 Source: Press service of BAJ

Gazeta Slonimskaya is back into kiosks of Belsayuzdruk since April 5 – this is the first time for over 11 years.

In February, the chief editor of Narodnaya Volya raised the issue in a meeting with Aliaksandr Lukashenka. He handed over a list of 9 newspapers that could not get a contract for distribution with Belposhta and/or Belsayuzdruk networks. Lukashenka promised to tackle the issue of distribution of non-state mass media.

Obviously, he did, because the newspapers who had been out of the state distribution system since 2006 now have got positive responses and have already drawn up contracts of services. These are newspapers Gazeta Slonimskaya, Novy Chas, Intex-press (Baranavichy) and Borisovskiye Novosti. The rest, like SNPlus and Volnaye Hlybokaye are also in the process.

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