Nasha Niva declared “extremist formation”

27.01.2022 Source: BAJ News Service Story: Барацьба з экстрэмізмам

The Nasha Niva newspaper has been published since 1906 (modern version – since 1991), now it is an online media outlet with popular social media pages.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus informed that Nasha Niva was recognized as an extremist formation:

“The group of citizens from the Sarodzichy private association (the owner of Nasha Niva) united through online resources, including social media and messengers was recognized an extremist formation.”

Nasha Niva is the oldest Belarusian publication, its history dates back to 23 November 1906. The first 42 issues were published in Belarusian Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. The publication of the newspaper was stopped in 1915 due to World War II – as German troops were approaching Vilnius.

In 1991, Nasha Niva was revived in Vilnius under the editorship of Siarhei Dubavets. In 1996, the newspaper’s office moved to Minsk. In June 2018, Nasha Niva stopped publishing a paper version, however, two months later an illustrated historical magazine was issued.

Belsat TV, BelaPAN and RFE/RL  Belarus media outlets were already recognized as extremist formations.

32 media representatives are in captivity in Belarus.