Minsk office of Belsat gets back equipment seized during recent search

12.04.2019 Source: Belsat.eu

Computers and data storage devices have been returned to Belsat two days after they were seized by the police took during the search at the Minsk office of Belsat.

Equipment returned by investigators iFrame

The Investigation Committee reported that the search was carried out in the framework of the criminal case opened under Article 188 of the Criminal Code – “defamation”. On the morning of April 9, MES employees wanted to cut through the door in the Minsk office of Belsat, but the journalist of the TV channel Mikola Dzyabyola decided to save the property from damage and opened the door.

The police then took away all media storage devices and computers, but they were soon returned.

“Of course, we are glad that we have the equipment back. But the question remains, why did they even take it? This inspection did not bring anything new to the case. We do not refuse to admit a mistake. Everything is clear here. Yes, we were mistaken, but we apologized and printed a refutation. Why was this equipment taken away and what it could bring to the case is not clear. We are happy that the investigators came to their senses and returned the equipment to us,” said Aleksy Dzikawicki, Deputy Director of the Belsat TV channel.

BAJ Protests Against Search at Belsat And New Criminal Case — Statement by BAJ Board

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