Journalists trying to cover trial in Mahiliou detained and placed in custody

13.05.2021 Source: MAYDAY

The Mahiliou journalists reporting on the trial of opposition activists Seviarynets, Afnahel and others to remain in jail until their own hearing.

Journalists Alexander Burakou, reporting for Deutsche Welle, and Uladzimir Laptsevich (6tv.by) were grabbed by riot police after families and friends of the defendants in the so-called "Tikhanovski-Statkevich group" case had left the courthouse.

Alexander Burakou was taken to the Leninsky district police department of Mahiliou, where the police charged him under Article 24.23 Part 3 of the Administrative Code, with alleged repeated (within a year's time) participation in an unauthorized event". The journalist faces a fine of up to 200 basic values or 15 to 30 days of arrest.

Article 24.23 was introduced into the Administrative Code only in March of 2021. Moreover, last time Burakou was tried for alleged violation of the law on mass events more than a year ago - on May 8, 2020. It is weird that the police still haven't learned to draw up reports under this "popular" article properly.

 Journalist Uladzimir Laptsevich was detained under the same charges.

Both journalists were taken to local detention center and will stay there until the court hearing. Leninski district police department did not let the family to bring food and clothes for Burakou.

The hearings are likely to take place via Skype on May 13 or 14.

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