Journalists targeted by raids for second consecutive day UPDATED

09.07.2021 Source: By Zachar Ščarbakoŭ, BelaPAN

Raids targeting journalists continued for a second day in Belarus on Friday.

23:18. Law enforcement officers on Friday raided the homes of journalists of the popular Homieĺ online publication Silnyye Novosti (Strong News).

According to Piotr Kuzniacoŭ, the publication’s founder and director, targeted by police raids were the home of Editor in Chief Hanna Jakštas and her husband, journalist Dzianis Jakštas, as well as the homes of journalist Iryna Voĺskaja and Jaŭhienija Kraščyk, head of the publication’s advertising department.

Mr. Kuzniacoŭ said on his Telegram channel that the home of Ms. Jakštas’ grandmother was searched on Friday afternoon.

The Silnyye Novosti team later said that searches were also being conducted at the homes of journalists Natallia Suslava, Juryj Hlušakoŭ, Sniažana Pahodzina and Kaciaryna Cieliman, with equipment being seized.

Mr. and Mrs. Jakštas reportedly had equipment and mobile phones seized. They were not arrested.

Later in the day, Mr. Kuzniacoŭ was also reported to have his home raided.

According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), at least 29 searches were conducted in the homes of journalists and the editorial offices of non-state media outlets on Thursday and Friday, with seven media workers arrested. A total of 32 media workers are currently in custody in Belarus, the BAJ said.


Minsk, 9 July. Raids targeting journalists continued for a second day in Belarus on Friday.

A search was being conducted at the Minsk home of Anastasija Zańko, a journalist of the news portal, according to the Naša Niva online publication.

In addition, there were reports of a search at the home of journalist Maksim Chliabiec in Brest. It was not immediately known in the framework of what case the raid was being conducted.

At least 15 media workers and activists were arrested on Thursday. They included four representatives of the popular online publication Naša Niva, namely Editor in Chief Jahor Marcinovič, editor Andrej Skurko, prominent journalist Andrej Dyńko and chief accountant Voĺha Rakovič.

Appearing on the Belarus One television channel on Thursday, a senior KGB officer linked the raids and arrests to a “large-scale operation to purge radically minded people.”


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