Journalists Lubou Luniouva and Dzmitry Soltan receive long arrests

11.02.2021 Source: BAJ Press Service

Belsat reporters Lubou Luniova and Dzmitry Buyanau (Soltan) were detained on the job on 8 February. The police detained him for alleged disorderly conduct (Art. 17.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences).

February 10 Judge Maryna Fiodarava sentenced the journalists to administrative arrests: 10 days to Lubou, and 15 days -- to Dzmitry.

The journalists were detained by Savetski police department officers, when doing a vox pop on a Minsk street.  Then they were transferred from a police station to Akrestsina jail.

Savetski district police officer Mikita Belski witnessed in court. Here is how he described the events:

"In the lobby of Savetski police department Dzmitry expressed dissatisfaction with the police officers, disturbed their work, talked loudly, called the police officers nazis and death squads. Police captain Viachaslau Hromau made repeated remarks to Dzmitry."

Earlier, on December 7, Lubou Luniova was detained, along with cameraman Ivan Kurakevich, at the Wisdom March in Minsk. They were about to start reporting, but were immediately detained. After some time at the police station and Akrestsina jail,

cameraman Ivan Kurakevich received 15 days of arrest, and Lubou Luniova got a fine of about 280 Euro.


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