Journalists are not criminals! An action was held in the center of Malmö in support of Belarusian colleagues

25.05.2023 Source: Беларуская асацыяцыя журналістаў, усе фота Lotta Brundin Gyllensten

The initiative to this gathering was taken by the “Organization for exchange between BAJ and SJF (Swedish Union of Journalists)” and invited were Frilans Syd, organization for freelancers in southern Sweden, Swedish Pen as well as staff journalists.

Wednesday 24 of May at lunch time – journalists and writers gather outside the city council in central Malmö, Sweden as part of Marathon of Solidarity

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While showing the photos of the 33 imprisoned BAJ members their names were read out loud, to show that they are remembered as individuals with a name, they are not anonymous for us.

The manifestation ended with greetings and thanks from Andrei Bastunets that freelance journalist Åsa Ohlsson read.

And now the Marathon of Solidarity is passed on to Finland: A manifestation will take place on Friday 26th of May at the Finnish Union congress. 

BAJ calls on colleagues all over the world to support the solidarity action!

You can print portraits of imprisoned colleagues, take pictures with them in recognizable places of your city and publish them on social media with the tags #СвабодуЖурналістам and #BecauseTheJournalist, and also send us to baj@baj.by.


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