Journalist Volha Bykouskaya Barred From Meeting of Election Commission in Minsk

21.10.2019 Source: BAJ News Service journalist tried to attend a meeting of District Election Commission of district # 107 in Minsk, where one of the contenders was Yury Hubarevich, chairman of the Movement for Freedom.

However, members of the election commission did not let the journalist to observe the meeting.

Volha Bykouskaya says, the commission demanded  accreditation papers from her, and asked her to leave the room not even bothering to see her press card. She says, the incident to her, all this happened in front of election observers.

The journalist appealed to the Central Election Commission, which responded that Belarusian journalists do not need any accreditation. 

The Belarusian Association of Journalists contacted the District Election Commission # 107 for explanations. The Commission representatives claimed that the journalist had been asked to show her press card, and failed to do that.

Meanwhile, the Commission confirmed that a press card was the only thing required from journalists of media registered in Belarus.