Investigative Committee: Suspects in the BelTA Case Being Released. Zolatava admitted guilt PHOTO, VIDEO

10.08.2018 Source: Press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists

The Investigative Committee claims, 'after conducting a complex of urgent investigative and other procedural actions in the criminal case the decision was made to release Hanna Kaltyhina, Halina Ulasik, Hanna Yermachonak and other individuals involved'.

Also, the Investigative Committee said that TUT.BY's chief editor Maryna Zolatava allegedly 'admitted that that her staff was "using, for a long time and with her knowledge," login information to BeITA's  paid subscription.

That's why, 'with discovered circumstances in mind, and due to Zolatava's official post, she has been charged with official negligence under Article 425 Part 2 of the Criminal Code.'

According to the Investigative Committee, she was released from custody because of "her active cooperation with the investigation."

The maximum punishment under this charge is imprisonment for a term of five years with or without confiscation of property and deprivation of the right to occupy certain posts or engage in certain activities.


Thus, TUT.BY reporters have been released: Maryna Zolatava, Hanna Yermachonak, Hannna Kaltyhina, and Halina Ulasik (released in the afternoon).

The lawyers stress: according to the Code of Criminal Procedures, all the detainees in the BelTA case (Article 349  Part 2 of the Criminal Code) may not be held in custody for more than 72 hours. This is not considered a public hazard.

The maximum penalty for this offense is up to two years in prison. That means, defendants cannot be held in custody before trial.

However, Halina Ulasik, who was released the afternoon of August 9, says investigators failed to inform her about that. On the contrary, they threatened to "lock her up for two months."

Aliaksei Zhukau, web editor of the Belarusy i Rynok has been released, too.

BelaPAN journalist Tatsiana Karavenkova was released late night on August 9.

Pauliuk Bykouski and Iryna Leushyna remain behind bars.

Следчым камітэтам па матэрыялах праверкі, праведзенай супрацоўнікамі МУС, распачата крымінальная справа па ч. 2 арт. 349 Крымінальнага кодэкса Рэспублікі Беларусь (несанкцыянаваны доступ да кампутарнай інфармацыі, здзейснены з іншай асабістай зацікаўленасці, які пацягнуў прычыненне істотнай шкоды).

Падставай да распачынання крымінальнай справы паслужыла паведамленне рэспубліканскага ўнітарнага прадпрыемства «БелТА» аб збоях пры ажыццяўленні доступаў да платнага пакета паслуг, які давла названае прадпрыемства аднаму з яго заказчыкаў. У ходзе праверкі супрацоўнікамі МУС выяўлены факты неправамернага доступу да кампутарнай інфармацыі, уласнікам якой з'яўляецца «БелТА».

Журналістка БелаПАН Тацяна Каравянкова вызваленая

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