Intex-Press reporter detained after interrogation

16.02.2023 Source: Intex-press

An Intex-Press Publishing House staff member was detained for 72 hours.

On 15 February, the police came to the Intex-Press office with a search warrant. The search resulted in the seizure of system units, cameras, and laptops, including the personal laptops of Intex-Press journalists, as well as computer equipment of the accounting and advertising departments.

The search warrant read that the local police department reviewed content published by Intex-Press and ordered to examine if it complied with the mass media law. The Intex-Press YouTube channel was listed as a suspicious resource. The media outlet posted multiple videos with opinions that people shared with reporters on the streets.

The correspondent who used to interview people was summoned to Baranavichy City Police Department at 10 a.m. on 16 February. It became known later that she was detained for 72 hours. The grounds were not disclosed.