Independent Paper Seized in Searches at Oppositional Office in Babruysk

10.03.2017 Source: Press service of BAJ

In Babruysk, during searches at the office of civil activists, 155 copies of Novy Chas newspaper were confiscated.

Three policemen appeared at the office of pro-democracy activists in Babruysk, the information given by BCHD activist in the Mahilou region Taisiya Kabanchuk. She wrote that the officers behaved improperly, started conducting searches without presenting their IDs and warrants for searches. The activists called the police, but the duty officer said that it were their seniors, and they were doing everything right.

For over an hour, the police officers were searching everything and everywhere, looking through papers and photographing. In the end, they drew up a report, took the booklets of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party and 155 copies of the issue of Novy Chas which published an article about 100 anniversary of the Belarusian Christian democracy (dated January 20, 2017).

It should be mentioned that Novy Chas is a Belarusian-language socio-political weekly which has been distributed outside the outside the Belsayuzdruk network since 2006.

At the recent behind-the-door talk of Iosif Siaredzich, the editor of the independent newspaper Narodnaya Volya, with Aliaksandr Lukashenka, the former raised the issue of discriminatory attitude of the state monopolist against some independent press, and the latter promised to solve the issue.

There is currently another campaign for giving the independent press equal grounds for distribution in kiosks of Belsayuzdruk.

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