Independent Belarusian journalist based in US wanted in Belarus

02.03.2023 Source: Служба маніторынгу Беларускай асацыяцыі журналістаў

Law enforcers paid a visit to Aliaksandr Pazniak’s family home to specify his whereabouts. Pazniak used to work as a reporter at a regional media outlet in Brest. The reason for the increased interest was never disclosed.

Aliaksandr Pazniak was a correspondent of the Pershy Rehijon news outlet and the Hantsavitski Chas independent newspaper. Some time ago, he won the U.S. Green Card Lottery and has been living in New York since the end of 2021.

There he engaged in publishing the local diaspora newspaper Belarusian.

Possibly, his social activity resulted in a visit of law enforcers to the journalist’s registration address.

As the journalist told the BAJ monitoring service, his worried mother called him in the morning to tell him about the police visit. Allegedly, Aliaksandr is a witness in a criminal case, but the visitors refused to disclose anything under the condition of “secrecy of the investigation.”

This is the second time Pazniak’s family has had to deal with such visits. The journalist believes he became the focus of attention for the law enforcers over the 2020 protests that he covered in the province. In particular, Aliaksandr Pazniak and his colleague Siarhei Bahrou were beaten and arrested. Aliaksandr was later fined $300 and Siarhei Bahrou was detained for 15 days.