Increased repression against the Belarusian Union of Journalists

16.06.2023 Source: Annika Heldt, Journalisten

The regime in Belarus has declared that the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) logo is an extremist symbol.

In March, Journalisten reported that the acclaimed Belarusian journalists' union BAJ, which was already declared illegal by the regime in 2021, is now classified as an "extremist group" by the KGB security police. The 1,300 members thus risk ten years in prison through their membership.

Now the authorities' repression is increasing even further. BAJ's website and social media channels are classified as criminal and subscribing to them is a crime. Anyone who stores texts or objects with BAJ's logo can be held administratively responsible.

According to a statement from BAJ, the logo can be found on a number of documents at, among other things, state institutions, agencies and in archives.

"The new attacks against BAJ are undoubtedly a continuation of the political pressure on the organization and independent journalists for their work," BAJ writes in the statement.

The organization has called on fellow journalists in Belarus to remove any items or documents with the logo.

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