Imprisoned journalist Dzianis Ivashyn’s location unknown

01.03.2023 Source: Гарадзенская Праваабарона

Dzianis’ family believes he was transferred back to Hrodna pre-trial detention facility, but they have no information as to why it could happen.

Several parcels addressed to political prisoner Dzianis Ivashyn were returned to his parents. The post office didn’t explain the reasons for the return, and the packages were marked with mysterious notes “as per reference from Correctional Facility #15” and “inaccurate, to be returned”. One note also contains the postcode of the Hrodna jail, therefore the assumption that he might be transferred back to Hrodna.

There have been no letters from Ivashyn since 8 February, and he has not called from the new correctional facility yet. His current location is unknown.