Huge Fines Imposed on Freelance Journalists Zhukouski and Tolchyn in Petrykau

27.09.2017 Source: Source: BAJ Monitoring Service

The judge of Petrykau District Court Andrei Bahdanik found a freelance journalist from Homiel Kastus Zhukouski guilty of ‘illegal production of mass media products’ for ‘Belsat’ TV channel on the grounds of article 22.9 part 2 of Belarus Code on Administrative Offenses and fined him 40 base amounts that equals 920 Belarusian rubles (around EUR 400). 

It is for the 8th time this year that the freelance journalist Kastus Zhukouski has been punished for freelance journalism in Belarus. The total sum of fines, imposed on the freelance reporter has totaled 7 130 Belarusian rubles (around EUR 3 100) since the year start.

Another freelance journalist Andrei Tolchyn has been fined 40 base amounts for assisting Kastus Zhukouski in producing video footage on the run-down state of residential buildings in the former military settlement of Myshanka.


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