Hrodna to Be Twinned with Nur-Sultan — Hrodna.life Threatened Litigation for April Fools' Joke

03.04.2019 Source: BAJ News Service

Hrodna.life published a joke on April Fools' Day, and local ideologists seemed not to understand the joke.

The website published a humorous news piece Hrodna to Be Twinned with Nur-Sultan, and Nazarbayev's statue is to replace Chapayev.

The website chief editor Aliaksei Shota was surprised with the reaction of local ideologists:

"We joked that Hrodna residents will give Kazakhstan a statue of Viktar Liaskovich. This is deputy chairman of the Hrodna region executive committee, quite an important person in Hrodna. I thought he had a pretty good sense of humor. However, an hour after the news appeared on the website, we received a call from the department of ideology of the regional executive committee with the request to remove the news. They say, there would be some consequences, like they would sue us in court," - the Hrodna.life chief editor told BAJ.

Aliaksei Shota says the article was a harmless joke. He believes, if the case is taken to court, it would be one of the most absurd trials.

Hrodna.life had already been sued for its articles in 2017, by a municipal unitary enterprise Hrodnaablvideaprakat, and won the court case.

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