Hazeta Slonimskaya reporter Yazep Palubiatka does not return from questioning. His apartment is searched

23.03.2021 Source: BAJ News Service

On Monday, March 22, Masty reporter of Hazeta Slonimskaya Yazep Palubiatka was summoned for questioning by the police. He entered the police station at 11 a.m. He did not return home that day.

Yazep entered the police station at 11 a.m., and already at oon the police arrived to his apartment with a search warrant. They had a search warrant signed by a prosecutor.

The police officers brought two witnesses for the search -- people on a short-term arrest.  They looked through the papers, books, and magazines. They seized a computer, a cell phone that my husband had left at home, a scanner, and a camera. When I asked if my husband would come back home, they told me that he would. In the evening I called the duty officer and asked where my husband was, and he said that Yazep would have to spend the night at the police station. He said nothing more. Apparently, there will be a trial tomorrow, otherwise they would have let him go. But why? What did he do? They don't say anything, - Larysa, Yazep's wife told BAJ.

The summons for questioning did not indicate the grounds for Palubiatka's questioning.  .

Captain Sivets explained verbally that it was about Palubiatka's publications in telegrams channels. Yazep Palubiatka insists, he had never written anything in Telegram, he did not even have a Telegram messenger installed on his phone and computer.

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