Freelance journalist Kastus Zhukovski has been hospitalized in the toxicological department after the attack

09.08.2017 Source: BAJ Press Service

Kastus Zhukovski spent a night in the toxicological department of the hospital. The policeman drew up a protocol on the attack on journalists.

Yesterday freelance journalists Kastus Zhukovski and Andrei Tolchin filmed the story about the pig farm owned by the company "Horoshaja Hriushka” (“good pig") near the village Zelenyja Luki of Gomel region. Reporters wanted to check the information about the eventual deaths of pigs in the complex.

The police was called and even five police officers came to control the situation. And at the same time in the presence of police officers the man in camouflage, probably one of the staff of security guards of pig farm, attacked journalists and sprayed on them a substance of unknown origin.

Kastus Zhukovski said that police did not react anyhow. Then the journalists called the district policeman. The district policeman came but refused to make the protocol. Only after the ambulance arrived he agreed to issue a protocol about the attacks on journalists.

At the hospital Zhukovski was initially offered just stay in the ward, not allowing even to have a shower, although his clothing was completely impregnated with the chemical substances.

After several claims Kastus finally was allowed to wash himself, then he was given two medical droppers.

In the morning of August 9 Zhukovski was discharged from the hospital.

"But I'm going back to record the story about the pig farm because it's my job - to seek information and to inform the audience", - said Kastus Zhukovski.

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