Freelance Journalist Beaten and Detained for Streaming from Polling Station in Minsk, to Be Put on Trial on Monday

19.02.2018 Source: Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalists Story: Freelance Journalism

Reportedly, a freelance journalist Andrus Koziel was beaten hard by police officers and convoyed from a polling station to Central City District Police Department in Minsk on February 18, 2018. According to the police report, the journalist was accused of disobedience to the police. Consequently, he was sent to the pre-trial detention centre in Akrestsin street in Minsk. The trial will take place on Monday, February 19th.


The incident took place at a polling station No.27 in Minsk.

The journalist was streaming to Facebook from the polling station, and four police officers tried to prevent him from doing it.

 Andrus Koziel managed to tell his wife Volha Chaichyts that the police had beaten him hard at the moment of detention. A glass door at the polling station was broken with the freelance reporter’s head that caused injuries. The journalist was bleeding.

Late at night the police representatives told the journalist’s wife Volha Chaichyts that her husband ‘didn’t need’ any medical help and that he would spend the night at the pre-trial detention centre in Akrestsin street in Minsk.

The trial has been scheduled for February 19th, 9 am Minsk time.