Founder of 1863x Blog Faces Five Years in Prison

08.06.2016 Source: According to the Radio Svaboda, translation by BAJ

The Investigative Committee published some details of the case of John Silver (Eduard Palchys) who has been extradited from Russia and is prosecuted for inciting hatred.

Зьняволены актывіст Эдуард Пальчыс, вядомы як Jhon Silver, стваральнік блога 1863x

In an interview to the Radio Svaboda, the spokesperson of the Investigative Committee Yuliya Hancharova told that Eduard Palchys, 25 year old resident of the Hrodna region, has been charged with criminal art. 130, part 1 (inciting racial, national or religious hatred) and art. 434, part 2 (spreading pornography materials). The former envisages an arrest of up to 6 months or deprivation of freedom for up to 5 years. The latter envisages freedom restrictions from 2 to 4 years.

A forensic examination proves that the materials published on the website www.1863x.com contained materials inciting national hatred and images of pornographic character. Initially, John Silver had been under recognizance, but then he fled Belarus, and was introduced to wanted international list. After that, he was arrested in Russia and extradited. Currently, he is under arrest.