Expensive Professional Equipment Seized from ‘Belsat’ Journalists

11.10.2017 Source: Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalists

A court verdict to seize the ‘Belsat’ equipment has been announced within a case on the ‘Belsat’ trademark copyright by Anastasiya Papko, the judge of Piershamayski City District of Minsk.

The court found a journalist Aliaksandr Barazenka guilty of violating the copyright in relation to the ‘Belsat’ trademark.

He was fined 40 base amounts (around EUR 400 in equivalent). Also, the judge ruled to seize the technical equipment that had been taken from Aliaksandr Barazenka at the moment of his detention and confiscated from the ‘Belsat’ office after a search at the end of March 2017.