Dzianis Ivashyn preventively registered as extremism-prone

30.11.2022 Source: Гарадзенская праваабарона

Human rights activists found out that last spring Hrodna prison administration preventively
registered journalist Dzianis Ivashyn as “prone to extremism and other destructive actions.” It is
known that almost all political prisoners have such a status, which once again proves the political
motivation behind the criminal prosecution of Ivashyn.

Dzianis Ivashyn’s relatives also reported that shortly before and after serving his 10-day punishment in administrative segregation, he was transferred to another cell. They believe that in this way the prison administration is trying to further complicate the conditions of the political prisoner’s stay in custody.

Ivashyn, in turn, asked to thank those who send him letters, packages, and remittances. Ivashyn’s wife Volha claimed that her husband hadn’t been able to buy anything in the commissary for about a month. The goods he ordered were never brought to him. At the moment the situation seems to have improved.